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May 2009
Some nice green grass

Spotlight On
A Weed Loved & Hated, the Dandelion

  • Make great salad greens if grown organically
  • The French brought dandelions to Canada in the 1700 to grow in gardens for greens and to make wine (they spread from there)
  • The roots are roasted and used to make coffee substitutes
  • Dandelions are important to bee populations as they are among the earliest and most consistent bloomers from early spring through late fall
  • They originated in Asia and are a kind of sunflower

Additional Resources:

Turbo Weed Twister

The Dandelion Terminator
This handy tool is currently being redesigned and should be back on the market sometime in 2009. It attaches to your power hand drill which you use to instantly annihilate the dandelions growing in your yard. Weeding with power tools is always fun!

Burnout – Organic Weed Killer




Some nice green grass
Some nice green grass

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Some nice green grass
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