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Some nice green grass

Go Green
Easy Organic Lawn Care

Did you know that most artificial fertilizers don’t really do anything to improve the long term health of the soil? In fact, most of them degrade the soil and kill beneficial insects like ladybugs and butterflys. Additionally, most homeowners apply too much which leads to run off into natural drinking water systems or lakes, ponds and Long Island Sound. Over application also contributes to respiratory problems and can damage skin like bare feet and the paws of our pets.

It’s easy to improve your lawn with the proper maintenance and organic products.

One of the most common problems with older lawns is lack of oxygen due to compaction. You can fix this by aerating your soil or by applying 8-10 inches of topsoil and reseeding. If you choose to reseed, we recommend applying layers of newspaper over the existing grass before adding the topsoil.

Set your lawn mower blade at the highest level -- this should be three to four inches high. This will allow for healthier, thicker grass. Make sure you sharpen the blades on your mower at least once a season. Dull blades shred grass rather than cut it, allowing disease and fungus to attack.

Water only if the grass is stressed and then water deeply. It is better to deeply water your grass every two weeks than to lightly water it every few days. Put a cup in your yard when you water and let the sprinkler go until there’s at least one inch of water in the cup.

Have the soil pH professionally tested. If it’s below 6.0, it’s acidic and needs lime; if it’s above 7.0, it’s alkaline and needs sulpher. The soil here in Connecticut is usually acidic. Some telltale signs of acidic soil are a pale hue, dead patches and yellow edges on grass blades.

Fertilize in the Spring and the Fall with an organic fertilizer.

If you have an issue with weeds, there are several organic corn starch solutions available that you spread on your lawn in late winter (it’s too late for that now) that will suffocate weed germination but allow grass germination. And, for the ever invading dandelion, unfortunately digging by hand works best — make sure the whole root comes up. Consider paying your own or some neighborhood kids per plant.

Naturalawn of America - Fairfield County website

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, try out one of the emerging organic lawn care companies like NaturaLawn.

Some nice green grass
Some nice green grass

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Some nice green grass
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