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July 2009
Some nice green grass

Go Green
Your Pool Doesn't Have to Look Green to be Green

Even Al Gore would be proud. Blue pools go green.

“Single owner swimming pools use an alarmingly high amount of energy to run. With the cost of pools going down and more and more people jumping on board the single owner swimming pool, going Green is the only way to go.”

Check out some of the ways you can go green with your pool:

Like a thermostat timer in your home, a pool pump timer allows you to use energy only at times you are using your pool. You also can choose to set the pump to run only during off-peak energy hours or reduce the pump running time seasonally or during vacations. Using the timer allows you to not only save on your energy bills but also to save on wear and tear on your pool’s mechanical equipment.

Tightwatt Pool Timers -
Tightwatt Pool Timers - Save Energy. Save Money.

Solar Pool Heaters
These systems are great because they do not cost any money to operate. Many work with your existing filtration system to heat the water in your pool by approximately 10 degrees. These systems are not as expensive as you may assume — many are less than $500 with some even under $200. It is advised that you use a solar blanket if you want the best results; however, even without the solar blanket these systems do make a difference in the pool water temperature.

Fafco Solar Pool Heaters-
Fafco Solar Pool Heaters

Smart Pool Solar Pool Heaters-
Smart Pool Solar Pool Heaters

Energy Efficient Pumps
In the recent past, eco-friendly swimming pool pumps have gotten a bad rap about not being able to effectively handle the water filtration. However, technology advances and wider use in recent years have made these energy saving swimming pool pumps not only efficient but also affordable.

Depending on the size of your swimming pool, you can purchase one of these pumps for under $600 (some even lower). These pumps will pay for themselves quickly by saving you up to 70% on your energy bill. If you’re in the market for a new pump, then green is the way to go.

Hayward TriStar Pool Pumps -
Haywood TriStar Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Pentair EcoSelect Pool Pumps -
Pentair EcoSelect Energy Efficient Products

Eco-friendly Pool Chemicals
The development of eco-friendly pool chemicals is a maddening science at best. While there’s still no true winners that will save you time and money, there are a few products that are now on the market that will at least help you reduce your dependence on chlorinated products that are a direct threat to the environment.

Here are a couple of products we found online — we haven’t tried them ourselves — that you may want to try:

Eclipse3 -
Eclipse 3 environmentally friendly pool water conditioner
This conditi0ner was developed by entreprenurer, Ken Breau, in Canada after buying a home with a pool.

“We spent almost $400 that year alone trying to keep the pool clean and balanced,” Breau says.  “I was very unhappy with the amount of time it was taking me to keep the pool chemicals balanced and free of algae.  I figured there had to be a better way.”

So what did he do? He created Eclipse 3, by far the most successful alternative pool conditioner on the market today. It's certified by the State of California (which has the most rigorous standards in the U.S.), the EPA and is used by Six Flags amusement parks.

Nature Safe Spas -
Nature Safe Spas eco-friendly water conditioner kit
We've read about consumers trying out natural spa solutions in their pools and one of the products that consumers mentioned over and aver again was Nature Safe Spas. If you decide to try it, shoot us an email to let us know what you think.

More Alternative Pool Conditioners: Store

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Some nice green grass
Some nice green grass

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Some nice green grass
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