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Home Energy Audit

Did you know that the sources of many household energy leaks are hidden and difficult to find? Sure, we all know about sealing windows and doors and insulating pipes and exterior walls, but many homes are still leaking energy from places that are invisible to the eye.

That’s where an energy audit with an infrared camera can help. Our experienced inspectors can help you find the source in little time. Finding the sources can help you decide what problems to fix first, based on what will help you save the most amount of money faster. Everyone knows that replacing that old water heater or furnace may start saving you money in eight or ten years, but what if there’s something else that you’ve overlooked? What if there’s something that could be fixed that will help you save on your energy bills immediately?

A professional energy audit with an infrared camera:

Our trained inspectors conduct a thorough examination of your home and provide a printed report on the spot at the end of the energy audit. Our reports contain the following:

There are many companies out there now doing energy audits. There are not any standard best practices for energy audits and you will find there is a wide range of what an energy audit includes. Also, many of these energy audits are being conducted for free or at a small cost by companies who want to sell you something, whether it be double-paned windows or a new furnace. Often, these audits do not comprehensively examine your home in the way that an energy audit by an unbiased professional will.

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